When we encounter top industry leaders it seems as though they were always successful. The truth is everyone has to start somewhere. The origin stories of these four CEOs will help us remember how far we’ve come and how far we can go.

How far can you go?



When you think of a leader what comes to mind? Is it someone who runs the country, a CEO of a company, or a head of a household? Regardless of which it is there is one word that stands out the most and that’s EMPOWERMENT. But gone are the days of the type A, full on, domineering leader.

Learning what makes great leaders can help us become better leaders.



Mentorship matters. If it didn’t, Forbes wouldn’t want to publish an article on mentoring. Forbes is a multi-billion dollar organization and they recently published one of our coaches articles. The topic? How to find a mentor.

Mentors make the difference. Each one of the world changers we work with has had a strong belief in coaching. Whether it’s the CEO of a billion-dollar company or an up and coming entrepreneur, iron sharpens iron.

Who Are We?

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We’ll help you build your team, break through barriers and have a lot of fun doing it!

  • Board Breaking Seminars
  • Team Building
  • Women Empowering Women
  • Empowerment Seminars
  • Corporate Training Seminars
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Relationship Communication Seminars
  • Breakthrough Coaching (Life, Relationships, Business, Spiritual)
  • Addiction/Recovery Empowerment
  • Breakthrough Firewalking Seminars & Workshops
  • Breakthrough Health & Wellness

A message from BTC Founder Lori Hudspeth

Hire Lori As Your Coaching Advocate!

Lori Hudspeth is a the Breakthrough Master that your company and organization needs to see true transformation.

Lori is a highly sought after speaker, seminar facilitator, and coach. She is the founder of Breakthrough Coaching International and Breakthrough Coaching International Academy. Lori is one of less than 10 Master Firewalking Instructors in the world. She regularly conducts breakthrough firewalk seminars, retreats, and workshops around the world to help people identify what is holding them back in life, break through old patterns that no longer serve them and boldly move forward with purpose and clarity.

As a Master Firewalking instructor, Energy Healing Practitioner, Life Coach, and Minister, she has helped thousands of people release limiting subconscious beliefs, and achieve exceptional life, business, and deep spiritual goals and milestones. If you need a coach or want to hire Lori to speak at your event, email us at:

We specialize and customize our training to suit you!

So who are we a great fit for?

Corporations & Current Retreat Companies – We bring workshops and seminars to you – or integrate our seminars into your events, to help your clients get better results in life and business.

Our training and experiential team building activities and workshop are proven to increase sales, boost employee morale, reach high level goals, build solid teams, increase productivity.

Hire Lori to speak, do workshops, bring in retreats, or do personal coaching with their high level executives.

Individuals & Allied Health Professionals –  We provide certifications to integrate the firewalks and other breakthrough and team building activities into your practice.  

This is for you if you want to diversify your practice and offerings. Our certifications will increase or create additional revenue streams, and bring more value to their current database of clients.

Personal Coaching Clients – We provide life coaching and spiritual healing modalities. 

This is for you if want a guide to help you break through trauma, feeling stuck, depressed, not reaching goals, ongoing spiritual issues, PTSD.

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Lori and her team believe in giving back and helping others achieve their potential. The give back to several causes that support healing trauma, PTSD, and addications.